Freezing Onions

I love growing onions, a homegrown onion is a lot fresher than store bought ones. Once cured, onions can last quite a while in a dark, cool pantry. I use onions quite a bit in cooking and as fresh, but I often find some will begin to sprout or rot before I can get to … More Freezing Onions

Herbal Fall Harvest

I like to call herbs ‘domesticated plants’ because they’ll flourish when we give them regular attention. They want to be harvested! Pruning them back at least once a year will keep them maintained and encourage good looking fresh foliage. You know how mint and lemon balm get pretty crazy in the garden? I’m ok with … More Herbal Fall Harvest

Kentucky Heirloom Green Beans & Tomatoes: Berea Sustainable Agriculture Center

I love growing green beans; they produce a lot of food in a small space. If you don’t have a vegetable garden, they’re easy to grow even in an ornamental garden bed on a nice looking trellis, and it’s unlikely anyone would even realize you’re growing food. By growing your own beans, you’ll be getting … More Kentucky Heirloom Green Beans & Tomatoes: Berea Sustainable Agriculture Center

How Fresh Are Those Eggs?

Fresh food usually equals better taste and better nutrition. The word ‘fresh’ shows up a lot when advertising produce, eggs, and meat. But, how fresh is all that food? Today we’ll look at how ‘fresh’ supermarket eggs can really be. When it comes to supermarket eggs, there are two time frames determining its freshness on the shelf. … More How Fresh Are Those Eggs?