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3 Lawn Weeds for Bees & Pollinators

Spring is just a week away! I’ve been seeing daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, spring wildflowers, pussy willows, and some cherry trees flowering already. The perfect spring temperatures and rainfall are making lawns turn greener and greener each day and before we know it, it’ll be… Continue Reading “3 Lawn Weeds for Bees & Pollinators”

10 Easy Steps to Save Tomato Seeds

Some plants are easier to save seed than others. Tomato seed is easy to collect, but there are a few more steps to getting viable seed than just allowing the seed to try. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be saving seed in… Continue Reading “10 Easy Steps to Save Tomato Seeds”

Crows, Blackbirds, & Ravens

What’s that black bird over there? There are several species of birds that have all black feathers. Crows are a familiar bird that can be found nearly everywhere in America. They are a very adaptable bird, which allows them to live in various environments. It may… Continue Reading “Crows, Blackbirds, & Ravens”

Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife

It was an October night, I was standing outside on the second floor of a motel looking out to the ocean of Myrtle Beach. Out there I saw true darkness, but it was still hard to see the complete darkness for the glare of… Continue Reading “Effects of Light Pollution on Wildlife”

Butterfly Milkweed- Plant of the Year

Butterfly Milkweed has been listed as plant of the year 2017 by the Perennial Plant Association. I’m not surprised, this ‘weed’ is a beauty. Despite it’s name, it doesn’t act weedy in the garden, so don’t be afraid to add it to your landscape.… Continue Reading “Butterfly Milkweed- Plant of the Year”