DIY Spice Jars

  My kitchen counters had gotten to be a chaotic clutter of spice jars- all different kinds of jars made it all mis-matched. This clutter was holding me back from cooking for lack of space. I buy my spices in bulk at the health food store and store them in different jars I’ve collected overContinue reading “DIY Spice Jars”

DIY Copper Rain Chain

A couple of months ago I got the notion that I wanted a rain chain. This notion lead to some great ideas on creating a water collection basin underneath it, and more ideas for rain gardens. What is the benefit of a rain chain? Rain chains were first used in Japan where they doubled asContinue reading “DIY Copper Rain Chain”

Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote

I recently went to a potluck and saw someone bring a pie wrapped up in a pie carrying tote! I thought that was pretty nifty type of tote to carry a pie! This makes a nice holiday gift, especially if you brought a pie with it! You will need to measure your pie pan toContinue reading “Sewing Tutorial: Pie Carrier Tote”

How to Sew A French Seam

A french seam is a useful skill to know for people who sew. A French is useful when you do not want your seams to have raw edges on the inside, such as when you’re making clothing or bags. It gives a nice finished edge. Just make sure to have an iron ready to pressContinue reading “How to Sew A French Seam”

DIY Vodka Spray Starch

Why is there an iron on my bar cart? I am only able to provide tutorials like this one with my computer which is near retirement after several years of high productivity. Consider donating even $1 (button on home page) for the use of this tutorial so I may save for a new computer. IfContinue reading “DIY Vodka Spray Starch”