Books on Gardening & Landscape Architecture

When I first got into gardening and then into landscape architecture, I searched the web for books to begin reading that would help prepare me for school. I found it difficult to find those staples of literature. I’ve put together this list of gardening and landscape architecture books so you don’t need to search! I’ve … More Books on Gardening & Landscape Architecture

IdeaFestival University Class “Humans, Design, + Nature”

You may have seen me post this class before. Due to some short notices, IdeaFestival University and I decided to change the date to MAY 23rd! This is a little less than a month from now! I am going to be hosting a class with IF called “Humans, Design + Nature“. The class is going … More IdeaFestival University Class “Humans, Design, + Nature”

Sugar Man Rodriguez: New Sundance Film Music Documentary

This past Sunday I was listening to some WRFL, our local university based radio station, and on air was a documentary about the folk musician, Rodriquez, the Sugar Man. It was interesting to hear this man’s history and his experiences being a musician. His songs are mostly about events going on at the time in … More Sugar Man Rodriguez: New Sundance Film Music Documentary