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“The Ascending Journey” An Oboist’s Story

“The Ascending Journey” is a documentary that was made about my Oboe teacher, Nancy Clauter. The Vis-Center (Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments) at the University of Kentucky produced the film that tracked my Oboe professor’s life for a 6 month time period. The film focuses… Continue Reading ““The Ascending Journey” An Oboist’s Story”

“Choosing Simplicity” by Linda Breen Pierce

A couple weeks ago my mom checked out the book “Choosing Simplicity” from the library and told me I should read it too. At first I thought I would just look over the book, but I ended up reading the whole thing and wanted… Continue Reading ““Choosing Simplicity” by Linda Breen Pierce”

‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead  is one of these movies that will change you, even if you change just for a week. The movie is about an Australian mid aged man who has been a successful stock broker. However, with all his money and… Continue Reading “‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’”