Berea Pollinator Garden

Berea Municipal Utilities Pollinator Garden and Monarch Waystation

Installation in conjunction with the lovely people of Sustainable Berea!

This garden was originally intended to be a public garden where people could relax and sit at the picnic table. The space was filled with lava rock, landscape fabric, 2 ash trees, and burning bushes which were not thriving. This south facing garden was not being utilized as a public garden and was very hot in the summertime.






The garden has now be transformed into an expanded Monarch Waystation and pollinator garden. As the garden matures, there will be some shadier areas to sit and enjoy watching all the life that will be in the garden. All the plants in the garden are native, with the exception of some herbs and annuals, which pollinators still love.

The garden will also provide food for birds, including some berrying shrubs like arrow wood viburnum, serviceberry, and gray dogwood. Some of the flower seeds like coneflower and cup plant will provide seeds for goldfinches. A collection of flat stones in the garden holds rain which will provide water for butterflies and other insects.

As the garden matures, it will attract more bees and butterflies. They were already arriving on the scene as we were planting the garden. The garden is open to the public to enjoy at the Berea Municipalities Building near downtown Berea on Harrison Rd.

The design was created by Katrina Kelly, the hardscape installed by the city of Berea, and the garden’s installation performed by Sustainable Berea, its amazing volunteers, and Katrina.



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