Garden Booklets

Custom Garden Booklets

A custom garden booklet can me made tailored to your garden. You may choose what is included in your booklet.

  • Document with information and care guide for the exact species of plants in your garden
  • Professional photo album or a CD disk of photos of your garden
  • Garden map (see more info below)

Garden Photography

I offer garden photography services for those who wish to remember their garden throughout time or who would like to show off their beautiful landscape. You may opt to have the images put onto a CD disk or turned into a professional photobook. Your garden can be photographed in one session, multiple sessions, or even over a period of a year to capture it throughout the year. Total cost depends on size of project and number of images.

Garden Mapping

You may want to have your garden mapped and drawn into a plan for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you can’t remember where or what you plants are, you are planning to move and want something to remember your garden, or you would like a nice representation of your garden.

The final plan can be a simple computer generated black and white scaled drawing, or taken further into an illustrated colored drawing. I can help identify plant species throughout the process.


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