Garden Photography & Mapping

Garden Photography

I offer garden photography services for those who wish to remember their garden throughout time or who would like to show off their beautiful landscape.

I can work with your wishes to create a portfolio of images that I give to you on a CD disk or turn into a professional photobook.

Your garden can be photographed in one session, multiple sessions, or even over a period of a year to capture it throughout time.

Total cost depends on size of project and number of images.

There is an initial fee of $100 which includes two photo sessions. There is an additional fee of $25 per visit to capture certain plants in flower or seasons. Fee for each image chosen by the client is $25.

Garden Mapping

You may want to have your garden mapped and drawn into a plan for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you can’t remember where or what you plants are, you are planning to move and want something to remember your garden, or you would like a nice representation of your garden.

The final plan can be a simple computer generated black and white scaled drawing, or taken further into an illustrated colored drawing.

I can help identify plant species throughout the process. 

I begin with a free consultation where I learn more about what you wish for. At a second a meeting, I will take measurements and record species. Additional visits may be necessary.

Total cost of project depends on size of project.

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