Resource Links

This page consists of useful links you will find for sustainable and ecological gardening. If any of these links are broken, please email me. If you have suggestions for useful links you may email them to me and I will consider adding them to this page. This page will be updated over time.

Citizen Science

Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Audubon Backyard Bird Count


Kentucky Wild Rivers Story Map

Kentucky Forestry Dept Invasive Plants

KY Fish & Wildlife Nuisance Species Plans

KY Exotic Pest Plant Council (KY EPPC)

KNPS Article- Invasive Plant Corner

Invasive Plant

USDA Invasive Species Info

Kentucky Forestry Dept Invasive Plants

PDF Managing Invasive Plants by UNH Extension

“Invasive Plants In Your Backyard” Publication

Invasive Pests

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

Spongey (Gypsy) Moth

Spotted Lantern Fly

Register Your Garden

Homegrown National Park

Monarch Watch: Monarch Waystations

National Wildlife Federation: Certify your wildlife habitat

Pesticide Free Zone

NABA: Butterfly Garden Certification

Wild Ones Garden Certification

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Plant Finders

Grow Native

National Audubon Society

National Wildlife Federation

Tennessee Kentucky Plant Atlas

Missouri Botanical Garden

Izel Plants

Native Plants

Native Plants

Mt. Cuba Center