Gardening new years resolutions

I recently heard on a news story that the biggest resolution Americans make is to get healthy. It was also noted, that of any country, American’s are the least likely to keep their resolutions!

They attributed this fault to creating too large of a goal. There are many ways to become healthy such as: exercising, eating whole foods, meditating, stretching, or drinking more water. It’s much better to focus on one aspect!

The other top New Year’s resolutions included getting organized, learning a new skill, saving more money, quitting smoking, and traveling more, which might not be a popular resolution for 2021!

I’m here to tell you, New Years resolutions can include goals for your garden!

Here are some Gardening New Year’s Resolution Ideas:

  1. I will plant more native plants
  2. I will plant a native tree
  3. I will reduce lawn and make more garden spaces
  4. I will remove an invasive species in my yard
  5. I will volunteer for a garden club, nature preserve, etc.
  6. I will eliminate pesticide and chemical use on my property like mosquito and lawn spraying
  7. I will leave my perennials standing through winter to provide habitat for overwintering pollinators.
  8. I will grow a vegetable or herb garden this year
  9. I will observe and appreciate nature more often
  10. I will learn about gardening through a book, class, or a professional garden coach

The Why

The most important step to a New Year’s resolution to create the ‘why’ since this will be the motivator. You may want to plant more native plants in your yard because:

  • They’re easier to take care of
  • Are hardy and can usually handle drought or tough weather better
  • They’ll attract beautiful butterflies
  • It’s better for the environment

Always write down your ‘why’s’ underneath your goal and refer back to them. Really think about each why and envision what that looks like in real life.

My Garden New Year’s Resolution

  • I’d like to add some more texture and contrasting foliage in my front yard.
  • Restructure my vegetable garden and add some irrigation
  • Successionally sow crop seeds for a more even harvest (I can only eat so much salad!)

Gardening resolutions are great because there’s plenty of time to plan for your garden escapade before spring arrives. However, it’s a good idea to start planning now in case you need any supplies. Visioning your goals also helps when it comes time to actually take action!

If you need help in your garden this year, contact EARTHeim soon to get on my schedule! January and February are the perfect times.