Tree Care Video Guide 2019 Citizen’s Environmental Academy

This past May, I was a part of the Lexington’s 2019 Citizen’s Environmental Academy. The 2019 was the second class to graduate from this program that is offered by the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government Division of Environmental Services. The program is a year long venture. The first half of the program involves meeting onceContinue reading “Tree Care Video Guide 2019 Citizen’s Environmental Academy”

GreenCheck Lexington Awards 2019

In September, GreenCheck Lexington accepted 9 new members into its certification program. This Lexington based program provides resources to local businesses and organizations in order to become more sustainable. To become certified, businesses follow a scorecard where points can be earned for completing certain tasks. The main categories of these tasks are based on sustainabilityContinue reading “GreenCheck Lexington Awards 2019”