Sewing Tutorial: Pie Tote Carrier

I’m not sure how many times I’ve made a pie and couldn’t find a bag good enough to carry it in. No one wants to see a beautiful pie on the ground!

This pie tote is the perfect way to carry your pie to potlucks and parties. It also is an eye catcher and everyone will wonder what’s in it when you arrive!

This pie tote carrier also makes a wonderful gift that you can sew yourself. Fabric colors can be customized to the person’s kitchen colors, or go with a holiday theme.

In this sewing tutorial, learn how to make your own pie tote to carry your pies in. It’s fairy simple and doesn’t take much fabric. It is a great fat quarter project and you would only need a few pieces.

This pie carrying tote fits my standard 9″ glass pyrex pie pan. It’ll also fit a metal pie pan. If you have a larger pie pan, measure to see if you’ll need to make the size larger.

Purchase PDF Tutorial on Etsy $3

Purchase this tutorial on Etsy $3


Finished size: 16″ square


1. Wash & iron your fabrics.

2. Cut one 18″ square of each of your fabrics.

3. For the handles, cut two 3″x22″ strips. One in each color of fabric.

4. Cut 2 pieces of batting. One 18″ square. One 3″x22″ strip.

5. Lay the 2 square pieces of cotton together, right sides together.

6. Lay piece of quilt batting on top.

7. Sew all edges, 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave a 2″ opening to turn fabric inside out. Trim edges.

8. Turn fabric inside out, iron, stitch 2″ opening shut.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the straps.

10. Quilt the square and strap piece as you like.

11. With the square piece. Pick 2 corners diagonal from each other. Stitch rings onto the inside of the tote by turning back the corner over the end of the ring to hold it in place.

12. Pick the other 2 corners to stitch the strap ends onto.

13. To use, place pie under strap, centered on square. Fold the metal ring corners over the pie and over lap rings. Thread strap through the rings, which makes a loop handle.


Condition a donation of $3 for use of this tutorial. Or you may visit the Etsy site (link at top of blog post) to download a PDF version of this tutorial.


Item You May Need: 1.5″ Metal Ring

Item You May Need: Fat Quarters

Item You May Need: Quilt Batting