Storing Strawberries for Long Shelf Life

I’m not sure how many times I’ve bought strawberries, only to discover they’ve started to mold in a day to two. Sometimes even the next morning!

Strawberries can be one of the more expensive fruits to purchase and we want to make sure they stay fresh as possible.

Moisture increases the chance of mold. So the key to storing strawberries is to reduce moisture.

Try this method of storing them.

It only takes a minute to do after the trip to the market!

#1. Don’t wash the strawberries

  • Choose a wide/long container as you have.
  • I’ve really like using the Rubbermaid Freshworks Food Storage line. This container is especially great for storing strawberries! There’s a green tray which allows moisture to fall to the bottom, preventing contact with the produce. The lids have a vent to help with air flow. I also use them for lettuce, grapes, cherries, green onions, herbs.
  • Line the container with a paper towel.
  • Loosely place a layer of strawberries on the towel.
  • Place another paper towel over top, then another layer of strawberries.
  • Space the strawberries so they are touching as least a possible.

Having less layers will help reduce the strawberries on the bottom getting too much moisture, which is why having a wide/long container works so well.

The paper towels help absorb moisture.

Using this method I can get strawberries to last 2 weeks!


Item You May Need: Rubbermaid Freshworks Storage Container

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