Cleaning & Oiling Wood Cutting Boards

Before- One dry cutting board
After- A rich color

After my last post on How to Freeze Onions, my cutting board needing some cleaning and deodorizing. Taking care of wood cutting boards will extend their life for many years. Anyone who has left a wood cutting board sitting in water, knows how quickly it can warp. Oiling wood cutting boards is quick, easy, and worth the effort. Before oiling my cutting board, I use some ingredients I have in the kitchen to clean it.

I don’t use my wood cutting board for meat. I have a separate cutting board so juices don’t get down into wood fibers, which could be unsanitary. I use this Epicurean- natural wood fiber composite cutting board, made in USA. Never have to oil this one and dishwasher safe.

How to Clean & Oil A Wood Cutting Board

  • Wash the board using regular dish soap and warm water.
  • I use Seventh Generation All Natural Dish Soap which is better for me and waterways. This is the only natural dish soap I found to be just as affective as conventional detergents.
  • Simply sprinkle some baking soda and salt over the cutting board.
  • Cut a lemon in half, squeeze it over the cutting board, and use the lemon rind to scrub.
  • Flip the cutting board over and clean other side with the other half of the lemon.
  • Let it fully dry overnight.
  • Use some food grade mineral oil and a paper towel to coat the cutting board. I use Howard’s brand.
  • If board is very dry, allow to dry for an hour and do a second coat.
  • Allow to soak in for a few hours
Sprinkle salt and baking soda over board
Lemon juice fizzing with baking soda
Squeeze some oil into the board and coat using a paper towel. Go in direction of wood grain.

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