EARTHeim Seeds Now Available

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I am now able to offer seeds from some of my favorite annuals, herbs, and tomatoes! Last fall I worked many diligent hours collecting seed, cleaning it, and storing it.

Now these seeds are available and ready to go in packets! Purchase ONLINE HERE

Packets range from $2-$3. If you’re local and would like to pick them up, email me your order to avoid shipping charges. Visit the etsy shop to check inventory.

All my plants are grown organically.

Annual Flowers

  • Teddy Bear Sunflower (gets 2′ tall)
  • Cosmos ‘Sensation Mix’- pink, magenta, and white. bees love it.
  • Cosmos ‘Snowpuff’- my favorite; white frilly petals
  • Celosia ‘Crushed Berries’- great for dried and fresh arrangements
  • Mexican Sunflower- favorite of Monarchs and hummingbirds
  • Zinnia ‘Royal Purple’
  • Jasmine Tobacco Nicotiana- the most heavenly fragrant flower!


  • Anise Hyssop
  • Calendula
  • Dill ‘Bouquet’- I plant this for Black Swallowtail Butterflies


  • Yellow Crazy Candy Cherry- the best cherry tomato to snack on
  • Rennie Cherry- Pinkish red olive shaped cherry tomatoes
  • Merry Pear Tomato- a pear shaped tomato that produced many tomatoes that were good for eating fresh and making sauce with
  • Green Zebra- a unique and good tasting green stripped tomato
  • Ozark Pink- great for slicing, pink tomatoes taste great