Month: January 2018

Cleaning & Oiling Wood Cutting Boards

After my last post on How to Freeze Onions, my cutting board needing some cleaning and deodorizing. Taking care of wood cutting boards will extend their life for many years. Anyone who has left a wood cutting board sitting in water, knows how quickly… Continue Reading “Cleaning & Oiling Wood Cutting Boards”

Snow Day for the Birds

With all the snow and very cold temperates this January we’ve had, my bird feeders have been full of birds looking for some good nutrition to keep them warm! Please remember: Do Not feed birds any form of bread. It starves them to death… Continue Reading “Snow Day for the Birds”

EARTHeim Seeds Now Available

I am now able to offer seeds from some of my favorite annuals, herbs, and tomatoes! Last fall I worked many diligent hours collecting seed, cleaning it, and storing it. Now these seeds are available and ready to go in packets! Purchase ONLINE HERE… Continue Reading “EARTHeim Seeds Now Available”

Freezing Onions

I love growing onions, a homegrown onion is a lot fresher than store bought ones. Once cured, onions can last quite a while in a dark, cool pantry. I use onions quite a bit in cooking and as fresh, but I often find some… Continue Reading “Freezing Onions”

The Winter Garden As Habitat

It may not seem like it, but gardens are still full of life even in winter and fall. Most if it is hibernating, but if you look close enough you can find evidence. I got out in my garden last November and played detective,… Continue Reading “The Winter Garden As Habitat”