Month: January 2017

Valentines Garden & Porch

Valentine decorating doesn’t have to be cheesy, it can be quite classy and cute! Spread love around your garden and front porch this year with some of these cute ideas on my Pinterest board.

Feeding Birds in Winter

If you enjoy birding as much as I do, you must also enjoy feeding and watching birdsĀ inĀ the winter. Birds stand out in the landscape of leafless trees and white snow, making them easier to watch. They’re likely spending a lot more time at your… Continue Reading “Feeding Birds in Winter”

Birding with Cats

Have outdoor cats, but love birding? You and I are in the same boat. Sylvester the cat and Tweety the bird aren’t just a cliche in the animal world. Cats can kill between 1.4- 3.7 Billion birds annually in the continental US This number tells… Continue Reading “Birding with Cats”

DIY Insecticidal Soap for Houseplants

Every winter spider mites seem to get worse on my indoor plants. However it’s easy and inexpensive to keep them at bay! You can make a simple insecticidal soap that will kill only soft-bodied insects such as spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs. In my… Continue Reading “DIY Insecticidal Soap for Houseplants”

Happy New Year

We hope that you have a great new year going from 2016 to 2017. I think this was a whirlwind of a year for a lot of people and our world. We can simply appreciate all that 2016 gave and showed us, and make… Continue Reading “Happy New Year”