Providence High School & Arbor Day

This past week I packed up my display boards and went to set up a table at Providence School in Wilmore. Their school was hosting ‘Envision Day’, where professionals came in to represent their business and talk with kids about what it’s like to work in a field you enjoy working in.

Joining me was some of my friends, Pet Wants with natural pet food, Mococo Lex with her Kentucky pillows, and a new friend, Urban Indigenous who told kids how to start fire with a fire drill. At the EARTHeim table I drew out a plan of a pizza or salsa garden that can be made in your backyard. IMG_2138

On Saturday we set up the booth again at Arbor Day at the LFUCG Arboretum. Even though there was a good amount of rain, the event was still packed. A lot of organizations related to gardening, trees, the environment, or sustainability were there to talk about their groups and get people interested in doing good things.

I asked people to write down what they do in their home that’s sustainable. Here are a few answers:

  • “We plant natives”
  • “I’m mostly aware of the natural fuel resource is harmful to the atmosphere” -Michael
  • “Unplug my toaster” -Harding
  • “I recycle”
  • “I tend not to leave the lights or television on”
  • “We use the sun not electricity”- Ryleigh
  • “Landscape to beautify and prevent erosion” – Scott



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