What Is a Host Plant?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about pollinators and native plants, which is awesome! Awareness in anything is the first step in creating change to those things which no longer serve us. Our pollinators are very important to our ecosystem, they’re the building block to our food chainĀ and pollinate our food and flowers! AContinue reading “What Is a Host Plant?”

The 11 Ways to Create a Greener World

Start recycling more. The first step in recycling more is to be aware of what items your local recycling center takes. Generally you can recycle plastics #1-4, which is likely to be plastic bottles from drinks and toiletries, and some food containers. Lexington does not take #5 plastics, which is thicker plastics like yogurt, sourContinue reading “The 11 Ways to Create a Greener World”

Beneficial Insects in the Garden

A healthy garden begins with a diversity of native plants, good soil full of organic matter, and not using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. If you have a vegetable garden, you probably have experienced some type of pest eating your food. Planting native plants and annuals near your vegetable garden can attract many beneficial insects thatContinue reading “Beneficial Insects in the Garden”