A DIY Kitchen Update- Part 2

Learn how we removed the vinyl flooring in Kitchen Update Part 1 Part 2 of this kitchen update was to paint the concrete floor. In the adjacent dining room I had already removed the carpet and painted the concrete over 3 years ago. I planned to continue the same process in the kitchen! Prepping the FloorContinue reading “A DIY Kitchen Update- Part 2”

A Kitchen Update Part 1

Over a year ago I had an idea to make an industrial pipe table, sorta like the one below I saw from Anythingology. I thought it would help in the kitchen to have more workspace and storage. But as much as people say making one saved them a lot of money cause it’s so DIY, it’sContinue reading “A Kitchen Update Part 1”

Ways a Gardener Can Help You

When clients come to me for help they often express they just want to enjoy their garden and landscape and not have to work on it all the time. I completely understand, it’s hard to enjoy your garden when the only time spent in it is pulling weeds or stressing over what to exactly do.Continue reading “Ways a Gardener Can Help You”