Wintergold Mugo Pine

If you’re looking for some winter interest in your yard, evergreens are a great way to do so. It can be hard to find unique evergreens however! You can find unique evergreens at our local nurseries, but they often go fast and they are limited in quantity. Habit One of these evergreens is the MugoContinue reading “Wintergold Mugo Pine”

Emerald Ash Borer: Threat to Our Native Landscape

If you haven’t heard about the Emerald Ash Borer, it is important to be aware of this invasive pest, especially if you own an Ash tree or are concerned with preserving our native natural Kentucky landscape and our Lexington streetscape. Ash Trees in Our Landscape Many varieties of ash trees are native to Kentucky andContinue reading “Emerald Ash Borer: Threat to Our Native Landscape”

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Chicken Keepers

Home & Kitchen Accessories A sturdy sealable egg carton is a very practical and useful gift to store all those eggs! Krups Egg Cooker is a great gift for the busy chicken keeper who eggs a lot of hard boiled or poached eggs. The best gift is life made easier! For the tidy and fashionableContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Chicken Keepers”

Butterflies During Wintertime

We almost forget about our colorful friends of summer as we’re lured inside by our furnaces and fireplaces. Where do butterflies go during wintertime? They are still in our gardens! Most of our butterflies hibernate in our gardens throughout winter. They are just hiding out very well. There are some species that do migrate to warmerContinue reading “Butterflies During Wintertime”

Frosty December Mornings

One reason of several I love leaving perennials standing during the wintertime is because of the interest they create, especially during frost and snow! The heavy frosts we’ve had in early December created really neat effects in the garden!