Gifts for Gardeners

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners!

This blog post was written without any affiliation with any brands listed. It is simply a gift giving guide if you’re looking for a gift for a gardening lover.

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Good gardening tools are an investment and any gardener is sure to be thrilled with a new tool! My favorite gardening tool brands are Felco for pruners and Dewitt for other hand tools. These tools make gardening easy and are hardy. I love the Dewitt hand towel, it’s lightweight and strong. Corona is a good choice that is better on the budget.

Dewitt Garden Trowel

Books or Magazine Subscriptions:

Anyone who gardens is usually always looking for new things to learn about and things to inspire them.

A few of my favorite magazine publications:


Memberships to garden clubs or other places are a gift that provides through the whole year. Memberships can be purchased from national or regional garden clubs or societies or even local private institutions.

Bird Houses, Feeders, Wind Chimes:

Who can have enough bird houses, bird feeders, and wind chimes?!


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.27.01 PM


Gift Certificates:

Even though gardening is mostly put on a halt during the winter months, many gardeners plan ahead for next year’s garden. I always start planning my vegetable garden in January and order seeds early. A gift certificate to a local nursery or a seed catalog would likely to be appreciated when it comes time to buy seeds or new plants.

My favorite seed catalog is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds & Renee’s Garden for vegetables and flowers, and Prairie Nursery & Prairie Moon Nursery for native plants.


How can one go wrong in providing entertainment for someone? Giving experiences is great if you’re unsure what things a person already has and want to give something you know they’ll enjoy. Look for museums, special events, or places someone could go for a day trip.

Here in the Central Kentucky region this may be a ticket or gift certificate to:

Visit to Krohn Conservatory last December
Visit to Krohn Conservatory last December





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