Month: October 2015

Fresh Juicing for Health

Health is an important topic here at EARTHeim, whether it’s the health of our earth or the health of ourselves. We believe they definitely go hand in hand. The better the health of the earth is in, the better health we will be in.… Continue Reading “Fresh Juicing for Health”

9 Invasive Shrubs to Avoid in the Landscape

You may have read about 4 Bad Invasive Trees To Avoid in the LandscapeĀ a few weeks ago on my blog. This time I’m going to focus on some bad invasive shrubs we should avoid in the landscape. All of these shrubs began their time… Continue Reading “9 Invasive Shrubs to Avoid in the Landscape”

Preparing the Garden for Winter

Preparing the garden for winter consists of cleaning up and covering. Although it may seem not much is going on in our garden over the winter months, there is still abundant life going on underground and inside nooks and crannies we can’t see. Properly… Continue Reading “Preparing the Garden for Winter”

Fall Cleanup: Leaves & Perennials

Want to save a lot of time and work? Leave those leaves be! And the perennial stems in your garden too. Now, I know it’s considered normal to cut down all the old perennials, grasses, in your yard once they become dried up. It’s… Continue Reading “Fall Cleanup: Leaves & Perennials”

4 Bad Invasive Trees To Avoid in the Landscape

Invasive species are a big threat to our North American ecosystem. Most invasive species have been brought from Asia as ornamental specimens. They not only do nothing for our ‘living landscape’, but they also take over and drown out our native species. These specimens… Continue Reading “4 Bad Invasive Trees To Avoid in the Landscape”