Cheering A Home on Dreary Days


Rain, clouds, cooler temperatures, daylight savings, and shorter days means it’s fall time and winter is approaching. I don’t know about you, but dreary days bum me out. Here are a few tips to bring back some cheer even if it’s not so cheerful outside.

Let There Be Light!

Sunny days are awesome and since we loose a lot of that in the colder part of the year, we have to supplement. Adding ambient lighting around a home can improve our mood. Think outside the box, add lighting outdoors too to keep your yard interesting. Color changing nightlights add interesting light too.

Supplement Your Body

If you spend time outdoors in the summer, you’re likely to get more Vitamin D naturally from the sun, which boots our mood too.  In the winter, even if we’re outdoors in sun, we may still be covered with more clothing. Supplementing with Vitamin D may help us a lot. Consult with a doctor or do your own research on how much you should supplement.

Be Active

Warm your body and your mood by keeping active. If you don’t have a workout routine, just start by stretching each morning. Slowly begin incorporating more each week.

Warm Up Your Space

You can literaly keep your home warm by adding sources of heat, or just by visually warming it up. Keeping cozy blankets, rugs, a small stack of firewood around can make your space more cheerful. Add warm tones of color through these accessories.

Clear Your Space

With so much more time spent indoors it seems, keep your space open by reducing clutter and keeping things put away. Cramped spaces will take a toll on our metal capacity if we spend too much time in them.

Add Scent and Sound To Your Home

Scenting your home with warming essential oils can boost your mood through these months. Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Pine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot all have warming properties. Buy a diffuser to diffuse their scent. Keep up the mood too through music.

Laugh and Smile

Take time to laugh everyday. Watch some comedy, read some jokes, or play with your pets.

Eat Warming Foods

Warm foods when it’s cold out will help our bodies too. A warm cup of tea with ginger, soups, slow cooker meals, and even just citrus are ways to energize us in colder months. Avoid too much dairy which adds dampness to our systems and invites illness.

Create more interest outdoors in your garden or on your patio

Add some fall color and winter interest to your garden to entice you to be outdoors more this fall. Even if you are stuck indoors, adding winter interest you can see from your window will offer a new scene. Add bird feeders and a bubbler fountain to bring birds to your backyard in the winter. Even if you don’t decorate for the holidays, add some winter decor to your patio and add some extra lighting.


Have People Over More

Invite people over more this winter since there’s less to do outside. Have a potluck or people over to just watch a movie.


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