Fall Container & Decor Ideas

Fall is a beautiful time of the year and colors in our landscape change from summer colors of pinks, yellows, and blues to multi tones of red, orange and brown. These darker colors can still be used to create a cheerful landscape and fall patio decor. A beautiful container or a ‘fall scene’ created on your porch can welcome visitors from harvest time to Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Feast on these ideas for fall garden decor! EARTHeim Fall Decor Ideas on Pinterest

Here are some of my favorites:


Baskets are great vessels for planting in. Just set the pot in the basket, or put a plastic lining in the basket and plant away! Adding twigs, some faux floral stems around this pumpkin is an interesting effect.


Use some twisty stems to provide some upright interest.


This container uses some plants leftover from the summer container to make a modern fall color display.


Love this subtle neutral hues for this fall container.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.49.26 AMThe hardest part about fall decorating is sourcing materials. We can always find mums, pumpkins, and pansies, but you may have to get creative to add in other materials.

Many nurseries stop selling a lot of plants in August which means you’re left with little variety. Plan ahead and reuse some summer container plants in your fall containers. It’ll save on money and make shopping a lot easier later!

Need to prune some trees? Wait until you create your fall display and reuse the sticks to create an upright affect in your container. Twist them into a wreath base, or bundle them and turn them into a witch’s broom! Collecting dried grasses and native plant seed stalks can also create a beautiful addition to a container or scene.

Do avoid using seed heads from invasive plants; such as this teasel. It may creep into your yard and it’s actually spreading across areas due to people using them in dried arrangements!


If your creative skills or time is lacking, EARTHeim offers services to create fall containers and decor for you. You may call or email us with your inquiry. Send us some ideas you like, materials you already have you want to use, perhaps a photo of the area you want designed, a budget you have in mind and we will work with you!

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