Plants for the Halloween Garden

Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Here are some unique plants that work great in a fall landscape, especially to add interest for the Eve of Hallow’s. Rattlesnake Master A unique plant, its silvery color and flower is noticeable in any garden. This plants gets around 4′ tall and is found in prairies. Heart’s AContinue reading “Plants for the Halloween Garden”

Planning for A Backyard Wedding

The national average cost of a wedding is about $25,000. Here in central Kentucky the average is between $19,000 (with $31,000 being the high average!) . These astonishing numbers aren’t totally dictated by what a couple plans to spend; it’s mostly directly related to the cost of hiring a business for xyz. The venue usually accountsContinue reading “Planning for A Backyard Wedding”

Cheering A Home on Dreary Days

Rain, clouds, cooler temperatures, daylight savings, and shorter days means it’s fall time and winter is approaching. I don’t know about you, but dreary days bum me out. Here are a few tips to bring back some cheer even if it’s not so cheerful outside. Let There Be Light! Sunny days are awesome and since weContinue reading “Cheering A Home on Dreary Days”

Best Chewy Granola Bars

These homemade chewy granola bars are something that I now keep on hand all the time. They’re super easy, can be made in 20 minutes, delicious, and freeze well, so you can always have a snack to have on the go. They’re adaptable to your personal taste and ingredients can be changed up for somethingContinue reading “Best Chewy Granola Bars”

Treating My Dog for a Fungal Infection

My experience treating my dog’s swollen toe & a funky arm pit. I write this post only to share my experience. I’m not a vet and do not give any advice in that way. Please use your own judgement and seek a vet’s supervision based on your own decision and research. On the last December lastContinue reading “Treating My Dog for a Fungal Infection”