Mexican Zucchini Casserole

So many zucchini, so little recipes. Running out of recipes to use up that zucchini this season? The great thing about this vegetable is that it’s versatile. It compliments any genre of food with its nature of taking on all sorts of tastes. It is best to harvest squash while it’s reasonable small. It hasContinue reading “Mexican Zucchini Casserole”

Wild Ones Lexington: Monarch Waystation Tour

Wild Ones is a national organization that advocates using native plants in the cultivated landscape, increasing natural landscape areas, and education. There is a national chapter and smaller local chapters throughout the nation. The Lexington Chapter of Wild Ones recently held a Monarch Waystation Tour, highlighting 10 monarch waystations in our city. They comprised ofContinue reading “Wild Ones Lexington: Monarch Waystation Tour”

American Goldfinches

Watch a video of the pair eating sunflower seeds (watch out for the Spicebush Swallowtail fluttering by!) In Kentucky we are able to see the North American Goldfinch year round. It has been fun to watch this pair hanging around our yard for the past few weeks. They’re attracted to the bird feeder which isContinue reading “American Goldfinches”