DIY Metal Curtain Panel

metal curtain panel copy
metal curtain panel2

One day my mom and I were in Home Depot when we passed a rack with these really cool metal radiator sheets stamped out with designs. We thought of some cool projects to do with them and my mom thought she would like to make a curtain with them.

The metal sheets are hung from the ceiling with some hooks and chain.

metal curtain panel3

We thought they would be great to allow some privacy, but still allow a lot of light through. The total cost for one window was around $35. All it takes are two 1’X 2′ metal sheets, four S-Hooks (we used 1.5″), four Cup Hooks (we used 1.25″), and four sections of some chain. (a drill, ruler, and pencil!)

1. The first step is to measure out your materials. For this standard window she needed two metal panels. My mom hung the panels from the ceiling and measured out how much chain she needed. She measured the maximum chain she might need, which would make the metal panels rest low in the window view. This could be adjusted later. This was about 15″ for each of the 4 chains. Home Depot cut the chain for her. She made sure the S-Hooks would fit in the chain.

2. I held the metal panels up to the window to see how we’d want to space them. Then I held them up to the ceiling and we made the marks where we wanted to drill the Cup Hook holes. Then I drilled the holes. We left about 1″ spacing in between the panels.

3. We hooked the chain onto the Cup Hooks into the ceiling, added the S-Hooks on the bottom of the chain, then put the metal panels onto the S-Hooks.

This was a very simple project with just some planning on materials. You can custom make this metal panel curtain with different designs and materials.

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