DIY Spice Jars


spice-jar-3My kitchen counters had gotten to be a chaotic clutter of spice jars- all different kinds of jars made it all mis-matched. This clutter was holding me back from cooking for lack of space.

I buy my spices in bulk at the health food store and store them in different jars I’ve collected over time. I didn’t label anything and had half way forgotten what some of the spices were. Some bottles also weren’t big enough to get a tablespoon into.

After looking into different spice jars you can buy online, I decided I was going to have to do something else, because the round magnetic tin’s are so expensive! It would be fine if I only used a few different spices in the kitchen, but I had about 30 different ones sitting on my counter.

I saw a few tutorials on how to make your own magnetic spice jars. This way, I could get the spices off my counter and stick them onto the fridge. They’re much easier to see this way and keep organized.


To make your own you’ll need just a few supplies. I purchased some of the supplies online because they were cheaper. You will need to look for:

One thing to realize is the canning company made it really nice when they only give you 8 plastic caps in a box and 12 glass jars in a box… First you’ll need to figure how many jars you want to make and have the right amount of supplies.

The plastic lids are necessary because the small magnets won’t touch the fridge if glued to the metal lids the jars come with. That’s because the metal lids are recessed. The plastic caps are also easier to get off the jar instead of the 2 piece metal ring and cap.

The size of magnet I purchased were 1/4″ in diameter. I had to use 3 per cap to get them to stick to the fridge. For heavier spices, like salt and sugar, you’ll probably need 4 magnets on the lid if you want to fill the whole jar up.


First I glued the magnets onto the lids with the E6000 glue. It’s best to use this glue while you’re outside for ventilation. Make sure you have paper towels because the glue can be messy. The lids need to sit for several hours to dry. I then wrote on the bottoms of the jars with the spice’s names. The water based sharpie can be washed off. I chose to do this in case I wanted to use the jar for something else or didn’t need that spice anymore. Storing the spices this way has been much easier!


2 thoughts on “DIY Spice Jars

    1. It took me longer to gather all the supplies than to make them! It only took maybe an hour, but I allowed the glue to dry for a few hours. I also rinsed off the jars in some soapy water and allowed to dry just to make sure. So besides that, not long!

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