The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY

I found The Minimalists around January of 2012 when I wanted to go through a major purge of things around my home, and also some stuff on the inside. It seemed a lot of the stuff on the outside, clutter, chaos, was correlating with a mess of things going on on the inside from justContinue reading “The Minimalists’ Book Tour: Louisville, KY”

Serviceberry (Amelanchier): Spring Flowering Tree

The Serviceberry (or sarvicebarry) is a beautiful flowering small tree or large shrub native to Kentucky and appear in other parts US. It is called serviceberry because about the time the fruit comes out, the waters of the creeks are warm enough to be baptized in. The genus Amelanchier, has several varieties. There is theContinue reading “Serviceberry (Amelanchier): Spring Flowering Tree”

Pussy Willow (Salix discolor): Spring Flowering Tree

  Last summer I came across the Pussy Willow shrub somewhere among my research. I had always seen its stems put into floral arrangements (or even faux ones that light up!) but never really thought of it much as a plant. The native variety around Kentucky, and much of North America┬áis Salix discolor. Of courseContinue reading “Pussy Willow (Salix discolor): Spring Flowering Tree”

Spring in Kentucky

The weather has really changed in Kentucky in the past 3 weeks. (Even though overnight we got another snow shower and it’s 40 degrees outside)! Just this past weekend it reached 80 degrees. On some of the warm days after a rain shower, plants would change within a few hours. Here are a few thingsContinue reading “Spring in Kentucky”