Giveaway! Farthest Field Album


A couple of weeks ago I headed to my favorite local music store for Record Store Day. I always block off my schedule because I love all the extra things the record store does on this special day. Lots of bands put out special promotional items and the stores have special things like bands, food trucks, and good sales. Also, if you want to fight a crowd, you can get there early and take a chance on getting a special tote filled with goodies from the Record Store Day org. I did it last year, but this year I just wanted to relax at the event!

The day before, I happened to see online that some of my favorite artists were giving away a limited amount of their CD to certain stores. It has been about a year or so ago that I saw these artists, Daniel Martin Moore & Joan Shelley, come into CD Central and perform a concert for their duo-album, Farthest Field for a small crowd. They’re really talented, super nice, local Kentucky artists, and were nice enough to sign the album I purchased.

Since I already had a copy, I didn’t intend to pick up the free one. But after striking up a conversation about Daniel and Joan with the owner of the store, I ended up with a copy anyway, which was totally awesome. I pondered what to do with it, then decided that I would give it away and pay it forward.

So thank Daniel Martin Moore & Joan Shelley, and CD Central for passing this along in the first place.


To Enter: First, sign up to receive emails from my blog. Then go here to Ol’ Kentuck Recordings, check out info about the album, listen to a few of the CD’s songs and leave a comment below to tell me which song is your favorite and why.

Winner will be randomly drawn from the comments. Make sure your email is in the form when submitted. Giveaway will close on May 31st at 11:59pm. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with address info. Another winner will be drawn if not done so. If you live locally, it would be nice to have you pick up the CD in person, otherwise I will ship it to you. Giveaway is done on my own and done in no way to advertise for anyone as their request.


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