IdeaFestival University Class “Humans, Design, + Nature”

You may have seen me post this class before. Due to some short notices, IdeaFestival University and I decided to change the date to MAY 23rd! This is a little less than a month from now!

I am going to be hosting a class with IF called “Humans, Design + Nature“. The class is going to be an outdoor sensory experience where we will walk through the botanical gardens and talk about topics such as biomimicry, eco-geometry, and the human/nature relationship. We’re going to cover how humans have replicated nature with design, things like the Golden Ratio, and also how humans connect with the natural world through art, culture, architecture, and with our senses. I’m asking people to bring a sketchbook because you’ll want to take notes and sketch things we see along the way. You register online at: IDEAFESTIVAL

Idea Festival University


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