DIY Valentine Catnip Mice

catnip-mice4Show some love to your feline friends this Valentines with these DIY catnip mice. The ones I made are in my Etsy shop for an instant gift.

To make the mice you will need

  • Cut your felt sheets into quarters
  • Fold each quarter in half and cut out 1/2 heart shape with center of heart on the fold
  • Cut half of your felt harts in half (for the top pieces)
  • Leave half of the squares full hearts (for the bottom pieces)
  • Cut a 3′ long piece of embroidery floss
  • Sew 2 half hearts together with a whip stitch, sew a mouse nose, eyes, and whiskers
  • Sew the two hearts together, filling with catnip mint before sewing shut
  • Add a tail if you wish

Valentine Catnip Toy Mice

Valentine-Mice(wait a few seconds for these animations to load)

Rose-GIFLooks like Rose loves her Valentine


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