Month: February 2013

Article: Simplicity in Action Series

Check out this article I wrote for the Simplicity in Action series on the blog, Be More With Less.

Jim James: Regions of Light and Sound of God

I was at the front door of my local record store 15 minutes before it opened. On February 5th, the new Jim James (formerly known as Yim Yames) of My Morning Jacket released his new album Regions of Light and Sound of God. Typically… Continue Reading “Jim James: Regions of Light and Sound of God”

Snow in Kentucky

Earlier this week we had a few days of snow right in a row. The typical pattern within the last few years is for it to snow one day and melt off kind of quickly within a day or two. Even though the roads… Continue Reading “Snow in Kentucky”

The 21st Century Show

I found these videos of Walter Cronkite telling stories in 1967 about what the American home will look like in 2001, 34 years later. These aired on CBS on a show called “The 21st Century”. These type of predictions are always funny, because the… Continue Reading “The 21st Century Show”

Southern Salmon Patties

Salmon burgers, salmon croquettes, salmon cakes, salmon fritters. Call them what you like, but in Kentucky we call them salmon patties and they are a traditional fare. Everyone I know makes them about the same way, but it seems there aren’t many or any… Continue Reading “Southern Salmon Patties”