I hope everyone had a great holiday the past few days. If you didn’t, then I hope the rest of the year is good to you. I spent time with my family at my house this year. This year gratitude took a new meaning than years past. Most everyday for the past year I’ve thought about what I’m thankful for, and if there’s something really good going on, then I appreciate it while it’s happening. There are still days where I feel purely sarcastic and pessimistic; I realize that’s okay too and it will pass. There’s a quote that goes something like this, “If you don’t appreciate it, then you’ll surely loose it”. If we practice feeling thankful, then there will always be things to be thankful for, even if we don’t feel it at the time. There are gifts in things that go awry, and being able to find those helps us to learn from mistakes and to test our courage to move on to better things.

Mommow with Greenlee in her sweater

Rose never misses dinner

Why are both of their arms crossed?

The dogs always provide plenty of entertainment


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