Sugar Man Rodriguez: New Sundance Film Music Documentary


This past Sunday I was listening to some WRFL, our local university based radio station, and on air was a documentary about the folk musician, Rodriquez, the Sugar Man. It was interesting to hear this man’s history and his experiences being a musician. His songs are mostly about events going on at the time in the world. This Mexican American sung his songs through the late 60s and 70s, but had no prevail in North America. Oddly enough, he had huge success in South Africa and Australia. In the late 70s he went on tour and allegedly died, with rumors he had killed himself on stage and several other bizarre allegations. But really, he just disappeared.

Rodriguez, now 70, still alive and well has been re-discovered in recent years. Just a couple months ago, the Sundance Film Festival released a documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”. The documentary is about the two men who uncovered his music and went searching for the man to see whether he still existed or if he had really died a bizarre death.

Listen to his song ‘Sugar Man’ via YouTube

Read the Rolling Stone Article

Buy the Soundtrack

Sugar Man Rodriquez


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