Carrot, Green Apple, & Ginger Juice

It has gotten warm in Kentucky! This week the temperatures have been in the mid 70s to 80s. The weather has brought the desire to eat fresher foods (and strawberry cobbler with whipped cream!) One good way to enjoy the good weather is with freshly made juice.

A few weeks ago my friend Eli Jah came to visit and we shared a light homemade lunch. He let me try some juice he had made to for his trip from Ashville, NC to Chicago. It was really good, so I wanted to try it out and make it with my juicer. I enjoy using this juicer so much, I’m thankful for getting it as a Christmas gift! You can vary your recipe, but I found this has a nice balance to it. Soon I am going to make Apple Ginger Lemonade.

Carrot, Green Apple, Ginger Juice (makes a few glasses)

All you need is 7 large carrots, 4 green apples, and a 1″ piece of ginger. That’s it!

The pets have been wanting to chill out in this suddenly warm weather.

Even the dandelions have emerged this week!


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