Vintage Vanity Makeover

It was just one of those days. My mom and I were running all kinds of errands and she had the bright idea to hop into Restore on Southland Drive and look around. She found some neat vintage bowls which she’s going to display in her new kitchen. Then! While checking out, my mom saw this really cute vanity. I wondered over to look at it while she was checking out. So…I ended up bringing it home.

I did some research when I got home, and confirmed that what I found was a good deal! I did some more research online and never found any kind of vanity like this one at all. All i found were the seats on sites like eBay or Etsy. I believe it’s from the 60’s.

Of course, it couldn’t be left alone. There had to be some DIY.

First, I cleaned the vanity with a stiff brush, some baking soda mixed with water and all-purpose cleaner. I then spray painted it with two cans of Rustoleum Metallic Spraypaint in Champaign Mist from Home Depot. Then I painted the little leaf on the seat with Martha Stewart’s Acrylic Glitter Paint from Michaels Craft store.

The seat underneath looked pretty bad since it had a lot of holes in the leather. I found a piece of scrapbooking paper and adhered it to the bottom of the seat with permanent double sided tape. I found a piece of leather off of Etsy to recover the seat and used upholstery nails to tack it.

I had found some fabric to make a seat cushion, but now I’m wondering if I just like the leather!

Spring has come early here in the Bluegrass. After we had the Snow Day, the next day everything began blooming.

Every day I can see the growth on the trees more and more. And the appearance of bugs.

In the evenings, when the air becomes dense and more humid, I can really smell the fragrance from the flowering trees.

It’s really awesome to spend time out on the gazebo in the evenings.

I’ve been making it a habit of going out there at night and turning up the Marantz.

I was just telling my mom that maples are slower to bloom and it’ll be a while before they come out. The next day, there were buds.

A lots of little bees pollinating it.

But all this beautiful spring weather just means I get to spend lots of time out on the totally cool patio garden that I’ve been working on.

And doing some serious cloud watching while earthing in the grass.


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