A Snow Day in Kentucky

These past couple of weeks in Kentucky have seen some pretty memorizing weather patterns. Some of them have been delightful, while others have not been the best for people. One day my mom, her friend, and I were walking our dogs at a park. There was the most beautiful sunset in the distance. I then say, “Is it supposed to rain?” 30 seconds later, I see lightening flash in the distant clouds. Another 30 seconds and the wind wooshes, then another 30 seconds…downpour! We were a mile from our cars with lots of heavy lightening, wind, and heavy rain. We swiftly roamed across the hills, through the tress, past many tall light polls, and to our cars. It was quite an experience to be out in the storm! It was a bit scary, but I felt blessed that I could be right in the middle of all this healing negative ion action.

I then sat in a parking lot and stayed there to watch the lightening. It was reaching horizontally all across the sky. This was a real thunderstorm that I felt I was resonating with.

For the next several nights, the moon was aligned with Jupiter and Venus. I really had no idea this planetary excitingness was going on until I just decided to go outside at night to let Roxie out. The sky was glowing a little brighter these evenings. I even saw a shooting star one evening. I definitely made my wishes.

One other evening after this sweet gentle rainstorm passed through, the clouds were flying by really low in the sky. The moon was directly above and as they passed by, there were these prisms being created through the clouds.

Last Friday evening the forecasters warned Kentucky about a big storm passing through the Eastern region of the US. Fayette County closed the public schools and the University of Kentucky closed the campus at 3pm since it was through tornadoes may form. Evidently this was going to be a big deal. That afternoon I took Roxie to a creek at a park. I could sense the energy in the air already, and Roxie was acting even more hyper than her usual self.

The storm did not do much here in Lexington, but it did destroy some small cities in Kentucky. It was quite devastating to see the photos of a historic town totally gone. My grandmother in Frankfort, 30 miles west of here, said they got golf ball sized hail. But nothing too much here in Lexington besides strong winds and heavy rain. The wind wasn’t unusual as it seems everyday has been a big windstorm.

The next day we had great weather. It was much like the weather we’ve had in the past couple weeks. There have been some days where I can open the windows and I sit on the back patio in just a long sleeve shirt in the hot sun.

Then Sunday evening around midnight I look outside and see these massive wet snowflakes really coming down. I had no idea it was going to snow! It didn’t seem cold enough. The next morning I woke up and saw about 6 inches of snow on the ground. Of course, this wasn’t predicted. It was the best snow to go sledding, making snowmen, and throwing snow balls. And getting some shots.

These are a few shots I took of Roxie and the trees. It was a beautiful morning and it was funny to hear all the kids outside screaming their heads off having a blast. Some more fun shots here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25196114@N04/sets/72157629529580151/

A thought for the day:

AS you offer behavior that pleases someone, then you get a reward for pleasing them by the reaction they have. This can be good in your own personal sense of altruism. But it can also be negative. You know that happiness and behavior are tied together. Without meaning to, you may believe you are carrying the burden of creating the other’s happiness and it depends on your behavior. And that’s what causes an eroding of your sense of well being and worthiness. And you both begin declining in all of it. (That’s why old people are cranky). And no one is more right than the other. The other person may not even realize what is happening. But this doesn’t mean that you say ‘screw you’ and don’t care. You too, could be doing the same actions. You just become aware. You are aware that you need to express your wants. Then if they are aware too, they will want to work with you so you both meet wants. This is awareness. This is when you learn to express what your wants are in a non threatening way and resolve conflict.


3 thoughts on “A Snow Day in Kentucky

  1. What FUN! I know ALL about making the best of what ilttle snow there is—I swear every snowman ever made in Mississippi is two-thirds sticks and grass and dirt, all grabbed up together to get all the snow.They all have a cookies-and-cream look about them.

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