Mid Century Modern Show in Cincinnati

This past weekend my mom and I went to the Mid Century Modern Show in Cincinnati, at the Sharonville Convention Center. The Queen City show is an annual event where MCM fans come and gather to find their Mid Century needs, such as furniture, art, jewelry, and knick knacks. We came a few years ago to the show, but hadn’t made it back until this year. Cincinnati is one area where you can find the Mid Century style. You can’t find too much of it around Lexington (which is only 1hr 30min away from Cincy), because people here mostly like the traditional early/antique classical or county style. I’m not sure why Cincinnati is a city that has the MCM style, but I do know there are quite a few Mid Century homes designed by famous architects in the area. I think that Cincinnati used to be a pretty modern city back in the day and attracted modernity.

I like that poster and those vases

Tulip chairs and table!

This is a print by Charlie Harper, who was a Cincinnati based artist. He did a lot of modern artwork of animals. I love Charlie!

This reminds me of my Etsy Shop, ButterflyBlues. I wanted this print

I really liked this one too! Very nostalgic of the wildlife around the 1950s suburban ranch

The Bertoia Butterfly Chair

Love Charlie’s hound dogs!

and this autumn duck

I have this table! Didn’t buy it here though


This lamp was $500 (Where would you find those bulbs?!)

You could even find some Mid Century glamour shots!

This was the most unique lamp. It was $500

George Nelson clock

I guess the Atomic bomb was park of mid century modernity too!

The show was fun because how often would you ever get to be around so much MCM stuff at once? I believe a lot of people come to the show knowing what they’re looking for. We arrived right when the show opened and nearly all the bigger pieces of furniture were sold. My mom purchased a Snoopy Bed Cover for her spare bedroom. I left with nothing! (unless you count the free Atomic Ranch magazines)

Afterwards we went to IKEA, which was only 10 minutes away. My mom bought this drapery system called Kvartal that will be part of her curtains on her front window in her own atomic ranch. It seems complicated, and it took us forever to figure out if we had everything we needed. But I think it will be pretty cool!


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