Bleugrass Chevre: A Goat Cheese Farm Tour

This weekend the University of Kentucky Slow Foods group visited a local goat cheese farm, Bleugrass Chevre. Susan Miller, runs her farm just 20 miles outside Lexington in Clark County. We were greeted by all the baby goats when we arrived. We then met Susan and she took us to her kitchen and told us howContinue reading “Bleugrass Chevre: A Goat Cheese Farm Tour”

Carrot, Green Apple, & Ginger Juice

It has gotten warm in Kentucky! This week the temperatures have been in the mid 70s to 80s. The weather has brought the desire to eat fresher foods (and strawberry cobbler with whipped cream!) One good way to enjoy the good weather is with freshly made juice. A few weeks ago my friend Eli Jah came to visit andContinue reading “Carrot, Green Apple, & Ginger Juice”

Vintage Vanity Makeover

It was just one of those days. My mom and I were running all kinds of errands and she had the bright idea to hop into Restore on Southland Drive and look around. She found some neat vintage bowls which she’s going to display in her new kitchen. Then! While checking out, my mom saw this reallyContinue reading “Vintage Vanity Makeover”

Oboe Recital: A Benefit & Farewell Concert

This was a piece of art in the lobby of the church, and Oboe & Mandolin This past weekend the University of Kentucky Oboe Studio held a recital as a farewell to our Oboe teacher, Nancy Clauter, and to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Foundation. If you read the previous post about Nancy, youContinue reading “Oboe Recital: A Benefit & Farewell Concert”

A Snow Day in Kentucky

These past couple of weeks in Kentucky have seen some pretty memorizing weather patterns. Some of them have been delightful, while others have not been the best for people. One day my mom, her friend, and I were walking our dogs at a park. There was the most beautiful sunset in the distance. I then say, “IsContinue reading “A Snow Day in Kentucky”