Featured Article on BeMoreWithLess: The “ClutterFat Challenge”

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BeMoreWithLess article on “Incredible Clutter Transformations

If you read the previous post “The De-Cluttering Challenge” then you know some about my story with clutter. When I finished that post at the end of December with updates, I didn’t realize a further challenge would present itself. As I’ve written before, sometimes things happen that are just too odd.

I gave myself my own de-cluttering challenge for the month of December, which was inspired from the blog “BeMoreWithLess” kept by Courtney Carver, author of “Simple Ways to Be More With Less“. What triggered that challenge was her post “I want to Give It All Away“. What had a huge impact on me was her line “people before stuff”. It was awakening.

Oddly in January, BeMoreWithLess presented the ClutterFat Challenge. It’s a ‘stuff’ diet. Cooperating with the blog, ZenHabits, they created an exclusive site for people to sign up and share their de-cluttering progress. I didn’t know what lied ahead.

I created a flickr album to share my progress of getting rid of more and just began going at it. And I read a lot on Feng Shui.

About a week ago I saw that BeMoreWithLess was looking for people to submit their story on their ClutterFat Challenge. So I did, and here it is.

There is another person’s story featured as well, and there are two more on Zenhabits. It is all too interesting to read about other’s experiences who are going through some of the same issues.

Most of the stuff I got rid of was gone within the first couple weeks. The last two weeks of the challenge was a little more difficult. I learned space attracts space, just as thoughts attract the same thoughts. The last thing I got rid of before the challenge ended was a bookshelf. I was advertising it on Craigslist and hadn’t gotten any responses on it in. I meditated about it and on some other items I had been advertising. The next day I had 3 people within a couple of hours want the bookshelf! A couple my age came and bought it later that day.

After the ClutterFat Challenge was over, I took a break to think about other things and concentrate on myself inside. I have been feeling quite exhausted for the past couple weeks anyway. (Or really just for the past 5 years?!). Some of that exhaustion has been due to worrying about other items I have been trying to sell for quite a while.

When the post was featured, one of my friends who I haven’t talked to in a few years, messaged me and said I inspired her. She said that she tended to think more about not having things, but having experiences instead because that’s what made her happy. And she’s right.

People and experiences over stuff. Cutting back on buying things could mean that beach vacation (which I’m really wanting to go soon!). Selling some things you own can mean taking a class where you learn something new and have experiences with people. It feels so good to be able to inspire others, especially those I know, and also learn from their thoughts too.

When you read the article, you will read about a silly Christmas trinket. The incident was the prelude to an entire weekend. If instead the reaction to that accident had gone differently, perhaps the whole weekend would have as well. And if that weekend had gone well, I believe my life could be different right now too. Thoughts attract the same thoughts. But today I know more and have grown more since then.

My intention is to keep going at this clutter thing until I’m at the point I feel free with it. I don’t know where that point is right now, but I think I will know when it comes. I have been learning to become closer to my true self over the past couple months and my home is beginning to reflect that too. Our homes and the way we take care of things seems to reflect our inner selves in many ways.

Where’s the key?


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