My Dad’s Love for Cars

1985 Chevrolet S-10 that my dad fixed up

When looking through the attic, I found two boxes full of Hot Rod and Truckin’ Magazines my dad had from the 80s and early 90s. Looking through these magazines is really fun. It doesn’t even look like he read them! But I know he did because my dad always had an interest in cars, and always took top care of his automobiles. Of course, this frightened me when he got me my first car, a bright red 1999 3-door Saturn. Thankfully, that fear has kept me a really good driver, and to take care of my car too (not that I wouldn’t do that anyway!) My family being into cars, I remember going to car shows when I was little and spending time there while dad was showing his Chevrolet truck. Even after he quit taking his truck to shows, I remember him still going to shows where he could work on his photography skills.

Both sides of my family have been car people, except my dad was all Chevrolet and my mom’s dad is all Ford. My grandpa, my mom says, has always had a lot of cars. I often see photos of all the cars my family has and think how awesome cars were back then, and how I wish they still had some of them! Made of real steel, didn’t have computers, or even seat belts most of the time! They had chrome bumpers, weighed a lot more, but also guzzled that gas. That didn’t matter back then.

As I look through my dad’s photo albums, I know he took pride in all the cars he owned because of how he photographed them. He must have searched for the perfect spot to photograph. Here are some ones that I found.

This looks like it should be in an 80’s beach movie

Haha! I would LOVE to ride around in that now!

That’s my dad?

I would like an explanation of where this photo was taken!

My mom & her first car, a Datzun Z

This photo looks very modern and reminds me of the era of David Byrne

This was my mom’s Thunderbird. I was a baby when this one was around

I do remember the Cavalier!

and I definitely remember my mom’s Cadillac. Those doors were so heavy! and those leather seats got really hot in the summer.

Look at that babe!

You can find my dad’s Hot Rod & Truckin’ Magazines for sale in my Etsy shop, ButterflyBlues


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