Month: February 2012

Music: “New Multitudes” Woody Guthrie Tribute

If you’ve kept up with exscapes, some of you may have read several posts about My Morning Jacket & Jim James concerts. Thankfully since they’re based out of Louisville, they frequently have concerts here in the Bluegrass (and I frequent these concerts!). I will… Continue Reading “Music: “New Multitudes” Woody Guthrie Tribute”

Featured Article on BeMoreWithLess: The “ClutterFat Challenge”

Check this out: BeMoreWithLess article on “Incredible Clutter Transformations“ If you read the previous post “The De-Cluttering Challenge” then you know some about my story with clutter. When I finished that post at the end of December with updates, I didn’t realize a further… Continue Reading “Featured Article on BeMoreWithLess: The “ClutterFat Challenge””

My Dad’s Love for Cars

1985 Chevrolet S-10 that my dad fixed up When looking through the attic, I found two boxes full of Hot Rod and Truckin’ Magazines my dad had from the 80s and early 90s. Looking through these magazines is really fun. It doesn’t even look… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Love for Cars”

Happy Valentines

Some Fun in the Snow

Roxie is always ready to chase her rubber chicken, even in the snow & wind! This is the only shot I got on my ‘fully charged’ battery. New ones are $50! Won’t be buying one for a while…