Sewing Pattern: Car Seat Hammock for Dogs

Dog Car Seat Cover Graphic

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town, which was leaving the seats in my car a big hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I also wanted my dog to be comfortable on the ride and to be safer. I began searching for car seat covers and found they were pretty expensive, some of them, costing upwards of $100, got pretty bad reviews.

I figured I could make one myself for a lot less. Depending on the materials you find, you can make this car seat cover for $30 or less, including the cost of the pattern. The hammock style also prevents your dog falling into the floor during a sudden stop.

Easy and straightforward sewing for all levels

Pattern is copyrighted

The instant download PDF digital pattern is 6 pages with color photos and step by step instructions.

Car Seat Hammock For Dogs Pattern

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 Photos from customers who purchased this pattern tutorial

Purchase this pattern, send me a photo, and I will post and I will post a link to your blog or website with the photo!






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