UK PhotoDay 2011

This weekend was the University of Kentucky Art Department held a full day of photography events for the public. Classes were held throughout the afternoon in the Reynolds Building, an old tobacco warehouse. (which is probably going to be torn down soon!)

The building is pretty neat because of the old brick work and windows inside. Much of the walls and inside seems to be hand built and has this edgy design to it. Some classes I attended were on lighting, book binding, Adobe software, cyanotypes, careers in photography, and night photography. Later in evening was a lecture by the famous Eric Meola, the crazy ‘Light Up UK” event, and a workshop on night photography.

Earlier in the day I made a book learning to use a Japanese Book Binding technique.

Later in the day I got to make this neat cyanotype print! They gave me a paper already coated in chemicals, which I put objects on top of the paper and then exposed the paper under a strong light. I then washed off the paper and let it dry. These are also called sunprints since the light exposes the chemical.

Later that evening was a talk from the photographer Eric Meola, who is famous for photographing with vibrant color, his world travels, and photography Bruce Springsteen.

After the lecture, was the Light Up UK event, where some of UK’s photographers had people shine lights on one of UK’s buildings to make a pretty cool night shot. I’m sure we all looked funny because we had to constantly move during the exposure so we wouldn’t be seen in the photo! I will post the photo as soon as I am emailed that it’s up!

Afterwards, a few people joined the night photography workshop. It was interesting to learn how to take shots at night and what types of effects could be achieved. It seems like this type of photography can be very creative and exciting! Here are a few shots I took throughout the evening. I had never done anything like this before.

The new flight memorial at the Lexington Arboretum for the airplane that crashed here a few years ago


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