River Boat Ride in Frankfort, KY

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The weather has been super hot these past couple days and especially humid. But last night brought some good storms that cooled down the air and made it clear. That made this morning great for a boat ride along the Kentucky River in Frankfort with some of my family. We started the ride at River View Park, where our tour guide and boat driver took us to the lock and dam. Since the dam is only open on weekends, we turned around and then headed through downtown Frankfort. She also told us about the Civil War Sesquicentennial Music Festival, Cornets and Cannons, happening Sepetember 1-4th at a site along the river. It sounds like it will be pretty fun and it is even free to attend.

We saw a lot of bridges a long the way and many historical sites. Our tour guide told us about the history behind many of the buildings and about all the flooding that happens along the river. After traveling past downtown, the ride took us past areas of woods and even an old rock quarry. We didn’t see too much wildlife except fish coming to the surface and a small deer eating by the water.

After a while, the sun went in and there was even a sprinkle of cool rain. It was a wonderful day and really relaxing to be on the water and have a different viewpoint of Frankfort. After the ride, we all went to eat at Jim’s Seafood that sits right over the lock and dam that we saw on our trip. Afterwards, we did a little shopping at the Family Tree Consignment store and admired a new mural painted on a railroad bridge. I really enjoy hanging around Frankfort because of all the historical significance and the scenery (and how less busy it is than Lexington!) I hope Frankfort can incorporate more of the river for recreation and entertainment.


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