‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead  is one of these movies that will change you, even if you change just for a week. The movie is about an Australian mid aged man who has been a successful stock broker. However, with all his money and his lavish diet, he began to gain a lot of weight, and had acquired an illness. He proposed that if he lost weight, his illness would go away. So, he came to the US and traveled across the county to make a documentary about health and diet, all while on his own 60 day juice diet. He carried a generator to run his juicer while on the road.

He met many people along the way and talked to them about their diets. Most people really didn’t care what they ate, they knew it wasn’t healthy but that is what they wanted. Others knew it was wrong and wanted to change, but had no willpower. The most notable man he came across was a truck driver he met in Arizona. They were both about the same age and even had the same illness. This man weighed nearly 500 pounds. Joe offered his help to this man and the story goes from there. I won’t tell you the whole story in case you want to watch it. But it was really interesting how the juice diet and slowly integrating exercise changed their lives. The animations in the movie make the film pretty entertaining too.

Joe’s diet has been called the ‘reboot’. You can watch the movie on Netflix  instantly or check it out at http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ and check out some healthy recipes at http://jointhereboot.com/.

Get started on juicing, check out my easy Carrot Ginger Apple Juice. I’m addicted to this stuff!

My juicer is very similar to this one and it does a pretty good job for getting started.

After watching these food documentaries, reading articles, and becoming vegetarian, I really think whatever diet you choose just becomes an acquired taste over time. It’s like drinking soda when you haven’t in a while. It really doesn’t taste that great, but once you start drinking them you begin to crave them. I believe it could be the same way for fast food or even the juice diet. Once you start on one diet, other things can taste bad until your body gets used to it.


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