Month: July 2011

Buying Kitchen Knives

I recently received a gift certificate from the Steamy Kitchen Store and I had no idea what to get! I decided it was time to find a kitchen knife that would last a long long time. I had no clue what to look for… Continue Reading “Buying Kitchen Knives”

River Boat Ride in Frankfort, KY

The weather has been super hot these past couple days and especially humid. But last night brought some good storms that cooled down the air and made it clear. That made this morning great for a boat ride along the Kentucky River in Frankfort… Continue Reading “River Boat Ride in Frankfort, KY”

Music Artist Ben Sollee & Inclusions Album

Check out music artist Ben Sollee on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. I remember playing in orchestra with this guy, who is now getting to be a pretty famous name! (and maybe went to college with the percussionist?) I think of Ben as mostly… Continue Reading “Music Artist Ben Sollee & Inclusions Album”

‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead ┬áis one of these movies that will change you, even if you change just for a week. The movie is about an Australian mid aged man who has been a successful stock broker. However, with all his money and… Continue Reading “‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’”

Happy July 4th!

Fireworks Cookies via Recipe Girl