Making a Pouf

I found a DIY tutorial on Design Sponge on how to make a pouf (a seat cushion or big pillow!) Since I had a bunch of pillow stuffing, I decided this would be a great way to finally use it! Making the pouf isn’t too difficult sewing wise, and the most difficult part is making the template an putting the button on in the middle. The pouf is for sale in my Etsy store

The finished pouf

Cutting out the muslin from the pattern

Each of the 12 pieces for one side of the pouf

Sewing each of the pieces together with the muslin backing

Each complete half

The ends of the triangles are supposed to meet up at the end, but the pattern didn’t make that happen somehow, so I was left with a hole in the middle

So I threated around the circle and pulled tight to make it…

have a pincushion look

Now time to sew both sides together, leaving an opening

So I could stuff the pouf!

Now sewing the pouf closed with a hidden stitch


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