Bike Lexington 10 Mile Family Fun Ride

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Every year on Memorial Day, Bike Lexington hosts a 10 mile family fun ride. This is the 7th year for the event, but the first time I have participated. I believe Brad and I wanted to go a couple years ago, but it rained. I kind of decided to do it at the last minute, but felt up for it because of the much tougher Urban Assault race I did a couple weeks ago! I also knew that it would be fun to hang out at for at a while at the rest of the bike event that is being held at Courthouse Plaza all day.

After airing up my tires at my mom’s, I headed back home, then rode a few miles to downtown on my bike. As hot as it has become in the past week or so, I was already worn out by the time I got down there. So after registering and getting some free stuff, I found some shade and watched the theatrical marching band and hula hoopers. Then it was time for the ride. It was slow at first because everyone was so close together starting out. There were all sorts of people at the event, professional cyclists, kids, lots of middle aged people, and hippies. I was impressed by all the small kids, they were really going (but they would cut people off sometimes since they didn’t pay attention to who’s behind them)! While I was riding, I noticed an Airstream (the type of camper I’d like to have!) which said ‘Story Corps’ on it. Story Corps is a organization that goes around the nation recording interviews and broadcasts on NPR. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to watch the website to see if they did anything on the bike ride!


These are the new t-shirts made by Cricket Press for Bike Lexington. (A local husband/wife team that creates the images and screenprints) They were only $5!

The ride was fun and for the most part reasonably flat. There were some pretty steep hills and some slow inclines that were still brutal. After the big hills, most people stopped and took a break. It was fun to see everyone’s bicycles. Several people had radios on them, but that was only nice if they were playing good music! Most people had mountain bikes, which I guess is more popular in Lexington. Many were even carrying kids behind them in buggies. I stopped a few of times for a couple of minutes to drink water. I think I need to figure out a way to drink water while keeping on cycling. I always get headaches after these things! I soon ran out of water, but found a Donatos that let me get fill on some tap water.

There was a huge turn out for the event, and it was nice to have roadways blocked off for us to ride. I think some drivers were pretty annoyed that they couldn’t drive where ever they wanted. But I think it was great to have notice given to the amount of people that showed up for the event. Lexington is very slowly adding bike lanes around town, but it is still very unsafe to ride bikes because of traffic patterns and flow. The end of the event was back at the Courthouse Plaza, where I found some shade again. I saw one of my friends from high school and college and hung out with her for a while. She did the event by herself too. So we thought we’d go to another Bike Lexington event in a couple of weeks together.

After the closing of the family fun ride event, I headed back home even though more events were going on. It was pretty hot today and I was worn out. Bike riding takes strength, cardio, and endurance, which I’m not used to doing that amount of exercise. On my way home I stopped at Pedal Power, a really great bicycle shop that sponsored a large part of the event. They were having a sale and gave away a drinking glass for stopping by. I looked at some helmets and a worker said mine was cool and unique and didn’t need a new one (it’s a horse helmet that I’ve had since I was 10! It’s actually made in Lexington by Lexington Lid Locker). So I guess I should feel cool about my helmet, even though it was pretty hot to wear today.


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